Scientists have found a way to stop coronavirus replication

Scientists from Brain Power and MSU have published a paper on the molecular physics and dynamics of the COVID 19 virus*. They have developed a technology to stop SARS-CoV replication in the human body.

To deprive COVID-19 of its reproductive ability, scientists have used the technology to create a natural quantum field of cellular membranes that prevents the excessive spin off of charged spikes of the virus. 

Scientists are looking at possible ways and combinations that might help the virus to bypass that protection. But so far the virus has not been able to bypass NM-REV protection.


*An unusual phenomenon caused by COVID-19 from the perspective of the physics of life Marina Lobova (Engl)

*An unusual phenomenon caused by COVID-19 from the perspective of the physics of life, Marina Lobova (Thai)


Celebrating the Space Travels!

День Космонавтики - Cosmonautics Day

Interesting facts:

  • Do you know that the inscription "CCCP” (USSR) was put on Gagarin's helmet 20 minutes before departure, so that when landing on the ground he would not be mistaken for a foreign spy.

  • Do you know that the First Woman Astronaut Valentina Tereshkova visited Thailand and was impressed by the great welcome from Thai Journalists? “Meeting with Thai Journalists was the most exciting for me: they are so lively, curious, so many flash lights! I never saw anything in the world like this!”- Valentina Tereshkova commented. It was impossible for us to make her photos at that time: too crowded! We have her photo on arrival to Centara hotel.


  • Do you know that satellite “Jubileinye” (Plisetsk), dedicated to 50 anniversary of the first Space Satellite, had been testing PS technology patented in Thailand?

Vacuum Torsion Propulsion System or Warp Drive allows creating transportation systems of a new type which can fast and efficiently move in various media: on ground, in air, water, space.


  • Do you know that Thai patent on Vacuum Propulsion describes the Universal principles in Mechanics and initial stage of v-Teleportation?

The new propulsion system moves by operating the local spacetime and thus creating the initial stage of Vacuum Teleportation..


  • Do you know that Covid virus moves as 4- Dimensional Gyroscope? 


  • Do you know that so-called Dark Energy associated with negative, super cold energy and superconductivity was discovered in Thailand and Thai patent was published in 2013. The energy system also emits nuclear energy without use of radioactive elements.

     The inventors call it U-energy or energy potential of accelerated particles related to Time matter.