New Millennium promises unprecedented breakthroughs in all areas of science and technological developments.

The leading discoveries are always based upon the evolution of Human Consciousness.


Space Innovations and Space Economy.

The World is getting ready to go to the next step of Development in Space Innovations and Space Economy.

The Space Economy is growing and evolving, together with the development and profound transformation of the space sector and the further integration of space into society and economy. The space sector is not only a growth sector itself, but is the vital enabler of growth in other sectors.

This dynamics led some analysts to declare that the space industry could become the next trillion-dollar industry by 2040.

Research and Development

Creating scientific knowledge from space-related activities

The space economy extends far beyond the space industry. On the issues that aerospace-related products, services and knowledge can impact and transform the economy and society at large.

Thailand’s Space Age in the Making

The country is committing significant amounts of resources toward becoming the space hub of Southeast Asia.

National Innovation Agency, NIA, forms consortium  and promotes Startups.

Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation, AENT, contributes a lot of time and efforts into development of Space technologies and R&D .

AENT Director, Asst. Prof. Dr. Rattapon Sakornsin  presented his Innovative Project, “WIG” Graft  for 2 seats.

The Project is unique in Thailand and includes development and building of the following: Wing Shape, Body & Tail "WIG" craft - Control System (Mechanics & Electronics) - Engine System - Assembly "WIG" craft.

AENT develops Space technologies and R&D using advanced physical principles.

AENT  Milestones 




The present progress is still waiting for the scientific explanations of the fundamental issues. 

We are searching for the fundamental discoveries and turning them into technologies.

The breaking technologies require scientific foundations and experimental research to develop

controllable production processes.


The important issues related to the breaking technologies  include the following:

  • Physical phenomena discovery
  • Scientific foundation
  • Experimental verification
  • Intellectual Property
  • Study on potential Environmental impacts on Earth and  Living systems
  • Costs and Social and economic impacts
  • Evaluating the term and period of use
  • After costs