Compassionate Research

Thai Government and Ministry of Public Health of Thailand addressed public to help them to manage the situation with COVID-2019 Pandemic.

Our partners and doctors recommended us to respond to the above address and promote our knowledge on physics of Life and human immune system, to show what products and how they can help human immune system to defend itself from complicated viral infections and side effects after vaccinations.

Therefore we support and extend our expertise in next scientific paradigm of physics of Life to evaluate efficiency of products that could help people to stay healthy.

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Compassionate Clinical Trials Online

Study to Evaluate the Improvement of Well Being with Antiviral Activity of NM-REV-2,  NM Total Revitalizer™, in Participants With Moderate Respiratory Infections, caused by different pathogens including Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The pre-clinical tests had shown that NM REV-2, NM Total Revitalizer™, improves  well-being of patients and leads to the improvement of the symptoms such as respiratory infections, allergies, flu-like conditions including Covid. The beneficial effects on skin include all other basic tissues like epithelial, connective and nervous.

NM REV-2, Anti-Aging products, was registered by Thai FDA for skin care serves as a first stage on the way to a next upgrade to Herbal Medicine.

Study Design

In the urgent search for potential solutions of the quickly mutating COVID  viral types, when the hospitals and Research Labs are busy, all trial procedures are greatly simplified but are stringent. No paper form-filling is required, and trial procedures are minimal but rigorous as designed by WHO.

The electronic entry of patients who have given informed consent is done and online randomization of consented patients takes just a few minutes.

Interim trial analyses are monitored by an independent group of experts.

Study Type

Non - Interventional 

Study Design

Open Study On line


Respiratory Infections, Influenza, Allergy, COVID-19


Herbal Medicinal Solution for skin and different types of cellular tissue 




The Primary outcome

The reports from doctors and customers revealed that NM REV-2 improved the overall well-being of patients and led to the improvement of cellular tissue conditions and overall well-being.

Condition or disease 






Running nose

Viral Infections (Covid type)

Herbal Medicinal Solution (NM REV-2)



Clinical phase I                


The trials are independent. Please, support our partners by purchasing the products to test and send us your feedback.  

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                         We work to help you to stay healthy!  

The references to case studies are here   

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