Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation, AENT, supports Brain Power project that had been initiated in 2003.  The concept of Brain Power is sophisticated and has been searched by many researchers. For tens of years many brain projects had been developed to advance knowledge in the field of neuroscience, digital and brain-related medicines.  Although brain structures had been investigated up to smallest possible sizes and digital maps had been created, the main secrets of the human brain remain hidden.


Brain Power project uses next level of physical principles and scientific paradigm. Brain is a point of Wisdom to perceive oneself and Universe while searching the personal path and gaining personal experience.

Following complicated multidisciplinary research, Brain Power project aims to achieve real time results beneficial for people. The successful research results had been introduced to researches, doctors and patients.


Albert Einstein and Nikola Tesla Scientific Foundation and Brain Power project researchers with an outstanding support of Honorary Advisor and Coordinator General Somsak Seangchanlert, พลเอกสมศักดิ์ แสงจันทร์เลิศ,  cooperate with a unique Rehabilitation Center at Wat Tamkrabok headed by Venerable Vichit Akkachittom, พระอาจารย์วิจิตร อคฺคจิตฺโต, Deputy Abbot and Director of Rehabilitation Center “Protect & Resist Drug Association” ชมรมช่วยกันคนละนิดพิชิตยาเสพติด  at Wat TamKrabok, Sarabury. 

In 2020 Venerable Vichit Akkachitto had been granted Sema Dhamma Chakra Pillar, a royal award given

to those who have made beneficial contributions to Buddhism in the Buddhist Era.

 Venerable Vichit Akkachitto devotes relentless efforts to help people  to get rid of addiction, to restore their will power and Identity. Thousands of people benefit from his rehabilitation center.

Venerable Vichit Akkachitto provides training in different areas. He teaches how to grow various agricultural plants, prepare products, develops inventions in energy,  to clean environmental pollution, etc.



  Venerable Vichit Akkachitto educates young people to stay away from bad habits and develop different skills for practical applications improving their lives. 

Medical societies define addiction as a serious disease that alters human health and life as a whole. Addiction damages brain cells, tissues in organs and impacts bone density. It changed the human genes forever. Deep nerve cells cannot be regenerated, nerve centers become completely destroyed. Besides physical damages it causes psychic disabilities as well.





Better Future should be created together by the cooperation of healthy and wise generations of people.

“If there is any religion that would cope with modern scientific needs, it would be Buddhism.” Albert Einstein 

Nikola Tesla’s philosophy seemed closer to a Buddhist or pantheistic orientation, with unity and oneness primary to his beliefs.