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Physics of Life presents a Grand Challenge in science

   Hundred percent of World scientists recognize the Grand Challenge in science as Physics of Life.  The science should develop and rise to a higher level. At present the scientists believe that they know no more than 7% of information about the microworld, no more than 3-4% of information about genetics, no more than 4-5% of information about energy. It is at this level that not quite perfect technologies are now being created.

    Without the development of scientific thought up to the higher vertical levels, ignorance in science leads to regression and becomes more and more dangerous, causing enormous damage to the health of humanity and the global environment. Contamination with viral, bacterial, chemical materials, masks, toxic products, radiation and other technological waste has become critical.

  Progress in the study of living systems will not be achieved without a deep understanding of the fundamental psychophysical principles. And the mechanics of living systems are key, but the least understood due to their complexity. And the question about the meaning of life remains unanswered. The universal principles prove the validity on a large number of experiments (physical, psychophysical, biomedical), The universal strategy brings great benefits for a harmonious understanding of the Laws of Nature and for the creation of technologies of higher levels.

Marina Lobova



Physics of Life: Experiments on the transmission of information, energy of Living Time and the operator's impact to change the physical structures and properties of living systems.

                                                                           Marina Lobova                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               14.02.2021

Key words: Physics of Life, Living Time Energy, Living Time Field, transmission of information, unified psy-states

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Experiment Description

Experiments on the transfer of information and energy of Living Time and on the operator's impact on physical structures and properties of living systems are discussed. Changes in the physical properties and structures of biological (botanical) objects are observed: aromatic and morphological changes in plants and trees.


The operator chose objects for impact, formulated his idea, planned the method and system of impact.

The operator clearly visualized the informational (mental) image and its future properties as an address code.

Informational impacts were performed regularly during a certain period, when the botanical objects were in their early stages of growth, forming their physical structures and physical properties.


The operator used psychophysical methods of influencing the objects. Visualizing the mental  representation of the objects and their future properties, the operator transmitted his information message to the object through prayer or chanting.

Prayer represents rhythmic acoustic waves, but of a much higher psychophysical level than ordinary technological vibrations. The operator also possessed a special level of consciousness to whom the higher planes of reality, future and past were revealed.

The results.

The following results were observed:

1) In the "school of rice" ("school of rice" - several micro-farms measuring about 2m x 1.5m), the flavor was changed. The tiny flowers of jasmine rice changed their delicate natural scent to lemon grass according to the operator's plan. There are no photographs, but there are his students who observed that. The author of the article also witnessed the results of those experiments. The scent of lemon grass was felt, but it was very subtle.

2) In the "school of bananas" (areas, where several banana plants grew), the banana spadices of mixed fruiting inflorescences had changed their morphological structure: the elongated lush stalks have turned into rosette inflorescences - in accordance with the preplanned mental images of the operator. 


Photo 1, 2: the elongated lush stalks turned into rosette inflorescences.

(photo 1 - from the archive of the Temple, photo 2 - from the archive of the author of the article.



People strive to get into the Future without understanding the Present.

Marina Lobova.

The observed physical and psychophysical phenomena require a higher level of understanding of the nature of life processes, i.e. physics of life. Outdated concepts cannot explain most of life's phenomena. Modern scientists admit that they know no more than 7% of information about the microworld, no more than 3-4% of information about genetics, no more than 4-5% of information about energy. It is at this level that not quite perfect technologies are now being created. Therefore, one hundred percent of the world's scientists admit that the physics of life is a great challenge for science [1]. Progress in the study of living systems will not be made without a deep understanding of the underlying physical mechanisms. And the mechanics of living systems are key, but the least understood due to their complexity.

Physics of Life

In our works, we discuss complex psychophysical phenomena that cannot be explained from the standpoint of outdated academic science. In this regard, we have been working for more than 20 years on the development of more advanced research in biomechanics, psychomechanics and time mechanics in living systems [2, 3].

Surprisingly, it is a fact that there is no single accepted definition of matter. There is a definition of mass. And matter is defined in several ways using the specified modifiers describing its states, such as - matter can have volume, mass, change its place in space, can rotate, etc.

Modern definitions of matter do not include its main property, which describes the very fact of its physical existence, its real or potential manifestation, that is, the properties of its existence in a real or potential time continuum. This is what makes it possible to observe its origin.

Matter is defined by its property of spin, as, for example, fermions and other fundamental particles are described.

In his fundamental research "Theory of Physical Vacuum" G. Shipov[4] describes the rotational nature of Time. Thus, Time acquires physical properties.

Hence, Time should be defined as “a fundamental physical object associated with the manifestation of matter (origin, existence), changes and interactions of all objects from the beginning to the end of their existence or transition to another phase or to another evolutionary level [5].

Time is associated with the life cycle of any matter, and it can be defined as the Matter of Living Time, MLT ”[5]. "Alive or living" refers to life processes or their continuum.

Rotation (any movement is rotation, according to Rene Descartes) of matter creates energy. Rotation of Time Matter also creates energy of Time. Therefore, we can more easily understand that the rotation of the Matter of Living Time creates the Energy of Living Time or the Energy of Life. The Energy of Living Time forms Field of Life.

Taking part in the formation of all kinds of objects, their movement, the formation of various types of internal and external energy, Time is both Matter and Field. Due to this, Time has the Universal properties of creating various phase states: resonance, synchronization and structuring of events (simultaneity or phase shift in Time).

Here we can present the definition of a mental information image as a Phase Portrait of Time states, simply presenting its “photo image” of some moment in life.

In this regard, the operator creating the mental information image creates living energy potential. Intuitive states allow him to feel the vital energy of the image-project, the vital energy of the surrounding natural field, which enhances his abilities, as well as the vital field and energy of the target object. Synchronization of these states of time as matter, energy and field provides the possibility of resonance for the interaction of living systems and their modulation.

The above explanations shed light on the physics of the operator's experiments.

In our reviewed case, the understanding of the psychophysical level of the operator deserves special attention.

The author and operator of this pilot study was the late abbot of Wat Thamkrabok Reverend Luang Poh Chareon.  Reverend Luang Poh Chareon was a very special and very creative monk. Many of his deeds were considered almost magical: the creation of a grandiose spiritual architectural ensemble, the decoding of the magical messages of Mother Nature, experiments with stones, plants, herbal treatment and much more.

Therefore, returning to the experiments of Reverend Luang Poh Chareon, it seems important to us to explain their physics at the appropriate level, as well as to explain the condition for the success of Reverend Luang Poh Chareon.

During our visits and conversations with him, Reverend Luang Poh Chareon could easily sense the subtle information about what scientific topic we are working on. In response, we just smiled - so clearly and easily he intuitively sensed this information.

Photo 3: Reverend Luang Poh Chareon thought for a moment. Energy condensates can be seen near the mouth, nose, and ear. The sunrays condense. One of them looks dense like a metal rod.

In the language of Physics of Life, this phenomenon can be described as a phase portrait of the manifestation of the energy of the Live Time Field. This field is created by the instantaneous concentration of the operator's thought. The manifestations of energy states are enhanced by the interaction of higher psychophysical levels ((mental & spiritual) and the operator's experience. The Manifested Field of Living Time affects the external elements of the environment, which form energy condensates around the mouth, nose, eyes, ear and even fingers. Among other things, in photo 3. we observe a unique result of the resonant interaction of the Energy and the Living Time Fields of the operator and the Sun, as two information-energy entities: the sun's rays twist and condense around the operator, like a metal rod. It should be noted that a sunbeam becomes more dense against the background of the operator's body and looks translucent against the background of the distant roof of the house.

These images help to visualize and understand how the Matter and Energy of Living Time create  conditions for the formation of Life.

An important condition for success is the factor of operator’s motivation and perception over causality. The Reverend Luang Poh explained that openness to the perception of the forces of nature is harmonious with the perception of oneself. The power of the Spirit is in non-violation of the truth in oneself, i.e. Satya. Violation of "Satya" (an oath, a promise made to oneself or to others) makes a person weak, lack of power of will and, therefore, useless or compromised.  

"Satya" says: in order to feel the Reality, one needs to be truthful within oneself - in one’s thoughts, words and actions as an essence of “Satya”. Satya teaches to refrain from lies, fear and distortion of reality in one’s expressions and actions.

The manifestation of unusual possibilities is associated with a high spiritual level, an intuitive understanding of the harmony of the laws and forces of Nature.


The physics of Life and Living Time Energy helps to study the advanced experiments on the transfer of information and the impact of the powerful operator on living objects, that caused changes in the physical structures and properties of living objects. Success is explained by the strength of the spirit, the harmonious perception of the Reality of Time around and within oneself, the understanding of the laws of physics of the Highest Reality.

Translating into our description of the Physics of Life, we can say that if one wants to open the way to Future or sense the Past, he needs to open his perception of the Present Reality or the Reality of Living Time. This helps to feel the energy and strength of the Living One and to begin to develop the ability to control physical and psychophysical phenomena in one’s life.

Understanding of such phenomena and a new level in the Physics of Life are important for the further Evolution of Humanity and the Values ​​of Life.

Expression of Gratitude

My special gratitude goes to Phra Ajahn Vichit Akkajitto, the Vice Abbot of Wat Thamkrabok, who continues to fascinate with spiritual search and creativity in his further experiments. I also wish  to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who participated in the meetings, translated and explained the spiritual aspects of Buddhist Wisdom.


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